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Our unique four-legged excavator is environmentally friendly, using Panolin Oil, and has an ultra-low impact footprint to offer you the best possible solution for your projects, landscaping, clearing, in-stream needs on nearly any slope.

Over the Edge is capable of moving its own machinery. Being an Owner/Operator makes it easy to mobilize to a site anytime, anywhere.


Using a Spider excavator gives us the ability to excavate on All-Terrain. No excavating is out of reach for our Spider excavator.
We specialize in all-terrain excavation work. Using our Spider excavator, we can access your difficult excavation site with out building roads. With no time wasted on building roads and re-mediating them, it means more time spent on the task that is important. In addition, the opportunity for erosion is eliminated and there is less environmental damage. You will save on your budget and improve your reputation for environmental stewardship.

Vegetation Management

If you want to clean up your property, Ski-runs or clear a right of way, Over the Edge can handle it. Using our Spider Excavator equipped with a power-tilt (rist-a-twist) and brush mower we are able to eliminate the over growth on any terrain. The power-tilt gives us the ability to tilt the mower to follow the uneven terrain, giving you a better quality job even on extreme terrain.
The Mower/Mulcher has a 1.2m (4ft) table with 3 heavy forged 30cm (12in) blades. We always run 2 sets of blades, we switch them out daily and resharpen, meaning efficient cutting everyday. The after math of mower/mulcher leaves Rails (sticks) no bigger than 60cms (2ft). The mower/mulcher is designed with an angled apron at the opening of the mower, this "pre-loads the bush before the blades hit using less energy and making it more efficient. The mower/mulcher also has a 1.3m(4ft) cutting edge mounted on it meant to clear drainage swales while having a mower attached.


No matter what the terrain is on your property, Over the Edge and its Spider Excavator can access it and provide you with the landscaping services you are looking for.
Our Spider Excavator equipped with the grapple bucket can build rock walls and stairs sitting in any position on any terrain. Over the Edge can team up with your landscaping contractor and make your vision come to life.

Limited Access

Over the Edge Industrial also offers limited access to those difficult sites. If you don't think a machine can get to your site, give us a call and let us come take a look. Over the Edge likes a challenge and always looks for a solution.
Barge access is something we use often, especially being located on the coast of British Columbia. This does not mean we are limited to only barge access. There are many solutions to get to sites and we aim to find a solution for each site that meets the budget.

Creek Remediation

Over the Edge is capable of accessing any river, creek, stream or ditch with its spider excavator. Often times there are areas or reaches of a waterway that are inaccessible due to extreme terrain, sensitive terrain or urban sprawl. Over the Edge has the equipment and know how to breathe life back into those parts of those waterways that are over looked.
The Spider excavator has legs instead of tracks, allowing it to perform work on any terrain, while causing minimal disturbance to the sensitive areas around the waterway. In addition, the Bio-degradable lubricants are an extra precaution to ensure that the waterway will not be contaminated

Hydraulic Construction

Over the Edge Industrial offers basic hydraulic construction.The spider excavator equipped with the grapple bucket is the perfect machine for river bank armouring or installation of grade control structures in stream.
The spider excavator has the ability to go into 1.8m of water or work on the bank of the waterway no matter the slope. This makes the spider excavator the perfect machine for armouring or diverting water ways.

Rock Breaking & Demolition

Over the Edge Industrial specializes in rock breaking and demolition on extreme terrain. Spider excavator equipped with a rock breaker means that even the most difficult terrain can be built on. The grapple bucket makes demolition of structures easy. the 360 rotating grapple bucket can pull apart structures and organize materials easily.
No matter the terrain, there is a bracket mounted on the leg of the spider excavator to hold the breaker. This means the rock breaker can be brought along with a bucket keeping things efficient.

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